We’re Workspace’s trusted cleaning operator and we’re proud of what we do.

Olivers Mill is not like every other cleaning company we’re here to make your life easier and do some good work while we’re at it.

You might not know it but we already clean the communal areas across the Workspace portfolio and have personnel on site who can look after your office space giving you the same care and attention.

Choose a cleaning package with options from once a week to an every day clean with minimal hassle or fuss and you will also receive the following benefits:

  • An experienced, trusted and DBS checked cleaning force
  • Keys managed using a Keysafe system giving greater security
  • Centralised cleaning equipment store keeping your workspace product free
  • The ability to pick and choose the services you need
  • Accredited by an ISO 9001 standard for quality management
  • One month notice period to stop our services
  • Flexible contracts with a One bill, direct debit solution
  • All hygienists receive the UK Living Wage or above
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Unit cleaning specification and options


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Unit cleaning specification and options

Terms of this Agreement

  1. The term of this agreement will begin on the date of this agreement and will remain effective for a minimum of one month or until notice of termination is provided as set out in this agreement.
  2. The charges payable by the Client for the cleaning services provided by the Contractor will be made in line with the agreed option as detailed in this agreement based on the Contractor’s standard fee tariff. The Contractor reserves the right to increase rates to such levels as may be necessary to ensure compliance with any statute or statutory provision such as, but not limited to National Minimum Wage, National Living Wage or Working Time Regulations. The Contractor will provide the client reasonable written notice of on any such increase and in any case no less than one months’ notice before the date of invoice.
  3. The Client agrees to provide the Contractor with payment of an amount equivalent to no less than one month’s charge prior to the commencement of the cleaning services.
  4. Except as otherwise expressly detailed within this agreement all monetary amounts referred to in this agreement and or cleaning specification are in GBP.
  5. The Client agrees to provide access to the unit as detailed in this agreement such as but not limited to Keys/Fobs or Access Cards. The Contractor will ensure that all Keys/Fobs or Access Cards are securely handled and stored onsite and agrees to follow any further reasonable security instructions issued by the Client in relation to its security requirements, provided such instructions are in accordance with Workspace’s own security requirements.
  6. The Contractor will provide cleaning materials and equipment necessary to perform the services required under this agreement and cleaning services specification. Any requisites/consumables such as but not limited to waste bags, bin liners etc. requested by the client shall be provided by the Contractor and invoiced separately to the Client.
  7. The Client assumes responsibility to clearly separate waste streams into “general waste” and “mixed recycling”. The Contractor will remove the client’s waste to the site disposal point.
  8. The Client confirms that Bank holidays or Public holidays are not excluded from the Contractor’s monthly charge, due to the Contractor’s statutory obligations under the Working Time Regulations. Any Client arranged building closures will not be subject to reimbursement by the Contactor to the Client.
  9. The Contractor shall comply with all applicable laws relating to its personnel and as otherwise apply to the provision of the services by Contractor.
  10. The Contractor agrees not to disclose, divulge, reveal or report for any purposes, any confidential information it obtains or has access to, however so; except as authorised by the Client or by law.
  11. From the date of this agreement each party may make alterations to or terminate this agreement by providing one month’s written notice of termination.
  12. The Contractor will carry Public liability insurance in the sum of £5,000,000 in respect of any one incident and shall at the request of the Client provide a copy of the certificate and evidence of payment.
  13. Client acknowledges that this contract is between Client and Contractor only. Workspace shall be no responsibility in relation to any acts or omissions of either party.
  14. Cleaning service specifications will be invoiced as follows: weekly quote 52 / 12 monthly payments. The Client agrees to settle all invoices by monthly Direct Debit payment. All queries in respect of invoices must be notified within in ten days of receipt.
  15. The contractor will assume no liability for: damage, loss, cost or expense incurred by the client which may arise from acts and/or omissions by the client at the time of entering into the contractual agreement. Examples include specialist equipment or personal belongings.

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